Broad range of indications
Our product range includes high dosage vitamin preparations such as ANCOPIR® , the mineral-vitamin combination preparations VI-CAPS® and VITARNIN®, the cough and cold medicines EXPECTORAN® and RHINOCAP®, the anti-inflammatory GROFENAC , and antibiotics such as BACIMYCIN® and GROPRIM®. Further indications fields are covered with the anti-mycotic GROMAZOL® , the cortisone cream CALPRED®, the anti-hypertensive and diuretic GRODUREX®, the hypnotic MEDIANOX®, the homeopathic sedative SEDOSAN® and the wound-healing cream EPITHELIAL®.
Galenical diversity
Each Grossmann preparation is distinguished, apart from its proven efficiency, by its appropriate galenical form.
We continuously focus on appropriate galenical evaluation by optimising the same.
Some product groups such as the anti-inflammatory GROFENAC are available in the form of tablets (including slow-release form), ampoules, suppositories and gels.
ANCOPIR is available in the form of sugar-coated tablets and ampoules.
Effervescent tablets, hard and soft gelatine capsules, ointments, creams, sprays, solutions, syrups, lozenges as well as drops are further available galenical forms.